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The Agency

Íslenska is a colorful gallery of characters. We have a nose for business, eye for design and an ear for what sounds better.

Our Clients

Through the years, Íslenska has been fortunate enough to work with numerous progressive and market-driven companies from all sectors of Iceland’s economy, large and small. Some of them have collaborated closely with us from the beginning, and many others for many years.


During the decades of successful collaboration with Icelandair, creativity has always been in the air.

Inspired by Iceland

Launched in 2010, Inspired by Iceland used the power of social media to resurrect Icelandic tourism after an economic collapse and a volcanic eruption.

Cabo Verde Airlines

Joyful beats and vibrant colors inspired our rebranding of Cabo Verde Airlines.

Air Iceland Connect

A new, international name for the local airline Flugfélag Íslands, along with a complete rebranding, was a bold answer to the new landscape in Arctic tourism.